7 Ways to Decorate Your Home like a French Woman

By on November 6, 2017

Admit it, you’ve always fancied how French women dress with sophistication, glows with radiance, and speak romantically. There’s one more area the Parisians are good at and we admire: how they effortlessly yet beautiful decorate their home.

There’s something about their living space that speaks chic and finesse. Needless to say, the French are arguably the most stylish people in the world. If you’d notice, there’s something about the way they decorate and style their homes. It’s as if their style albeit contemporary in a way brings us nostalgia.

The French aesthetic is impeccably sophisticated. If you’re eyeing on decorating your own space a la French homes, here are some basic tips on how you can achieve their nonchalant elegance. 

Ways to Decorate Your Home like a French Woman

Leave it perfectly imperfect 

Do you feel like your home is never quite finished? Like there is something you’re always working on? Then you’re already well on your way to decorating like the French. A French home is never over-dressed, and there’s always an element of feeling lived-in, whether it’s a wrinkled linen duvet cover or a classic portrait with chipped paint.

Take a quick look at your space right now. Does it look undone and still lack a few things? Don’t fret, you’re close to how the French do it.

If you take a look at photos of French homes, you’ll notice that their spaces are never overdone and seem as if there’s a room for more elements as time goes by. Their spaces also don’t look perfect, meaning there’s no symmetry, not too organized, and they display furniture even when it has flaws such as chipped paint. This is because they prefer to embody a home that feels “live-in” as it should be.

Keep it neutral

When we say neutral, don’t think plain white or gray which means boring and dull. On the contrary, a neutral palette allows for versatility and for bold colors or statement pieces to stand out in.

Choosing to don neutral hues gives way for more decorative freedom and mix-and-match possibilities. It allows room for growth and experimentation. Think of it as a canvas where you can paint the space with colors that complement one another without clashing too much with the background.

Embrace a “lived-in” space

As mentioned earlier, French homes gives a “lived-in” atmosphere. That’s one of the elements that make them standout from other interior design and style. They dress their homes imperfectly and comfortable to leave it undone.

So if you have a hand-me-down furniture from your grandparents, a stained leather chair, or a far-from-mint condition cabinet, don’t be ashamed to place it in your space. These elements make a home more sentimental in comparison with a space that is filled with brand new furniture, appliances, and decor. Instead of buying brand new items, you can go to thrift stores or repurpose your old furniture.

Make your kitchen lively

If you think there’s nothing left to admire, you’re wrong. The French people are also known for their fantastic cooking and that skill naturally reflect with how their kitchens look—bold textured kitchen tiles, bold kitchen cabinets, bold dishware, and kitchenware. To put it simply, they go all out in making their kitchen lively and fun to be in when preparing and cooking food.

 Display art

Art doesn’t have to be extraordinary or expensive. If it has soul and meaning, feel free to put it on display. Take advantage of showcasing artworks from handcrafted objects to a contemporary artwork or sculpture. Your home is an extension of your personality, you have the liberty to hang family photos, a painting from a friend, or your very own photographs.

Bring in a statement piece

 Whether it’s an antique vase, a gold-framed mirror, a statement chandelier, a velvet chair, a sculpture, or any other piece, feel free to make it a focal point. These subtle pieces can turn your home upside down. If you have a vase that’s long been sitting in your storage room, take it out and put it on display.

Don’t be afraid to break the rules

The French people don’t style and decorate by the book. They don’t strictly follow the rules, in fact, they break them. These rules are guidelines and if you feel like it limits your personality and how you want to decorate your home, forget it.

This is where the French people are good at and it shows. Their versatility, sophistication, and personal style show and elegantly so. If you come to a point where your personal style and preferences clash with the rules, don’t think twice to follow what your heart desires.

About the author: Chie Suarez is a writer/blogger for Wincrest Homes, a company that builds modern family homes in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, and Hunter Regions. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.


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