7 Decorating Tips to Copy from Hotels

By on July 25, 2017

Often times, the thing we look forward to in every trip is having to spend a while and lay rest in your hotel room. No doubt since it’s your home away from home, even for just a few night’s stay. What makes hotel rooms feel, sometimes, even more cozy than your home?

Aside from the fluffy pillows, clean, white sheets and ceiling-to-floor curtains that speaks luxury, hotel rooms encompass a feeling of emptiness—a positive thing, since it keeps our sight out of possible reminders of daily responsibilities and priorities such as bills, dirty clothes on the ground, and the likes.

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There’s no way you can cut these reminders of your daily living, however, there are ways you can lessen the stress and transform your home to appear and feel as if you’re entering a hotel room. From changing your bed sheets to white to clearing unnecessary knickknacks around your house, here are 7 clever ways you can do to come home to a cozy abode. 

Keep a soothing color scheme

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind upon entering your hotel room? Chances are it’s either to hug the bed or comment about the room’s atmosphere. Hotels cater to a lot of people from different backgrounds with different personalities, this is primarily why they stick to a color scheme that suits any type of people. Of course, a pop of color here and there is a good trick.

Neutral shades are friendly on the eyes—not distracting, compared to bold walls or dark shades (some works, though). You’ll still see pops of color in forms of flowers, throw pillows, and the likes to create contrast. If you’re really aiming for that hotel room vibe, stick to a neutral color scheme.

Light up the space 

Whether it be natural or not, lighting is every home’s best friend. Hotels take advantage of this and they even add lighting fixtures so guests can adjust the brightness.

Giving your space a little more love in terms of lighting is a great call. If you’re really into converting your bedroom to resemble a hotel-like atmosphere, good lighting is the answer. 

Put some artwork on display 

It’s always a good idea to put up a nice painting or any type of artwork on display for the guest’s viewing pleasure. If you have a few already at home whether it be a gift from a friend, a work of a friend or relative, or your your own work, hang it up for everyone to see. A little something nice to look at is always nice to have.

Purge the mess 

You won’t find any messy hotel room and one that’s cluttered with unnecessary pieces of furniture and décor. If you’d notice, pieces in such rooms are minimal and basic yet very sophisticated. Each and every item there is placed strategically, not just for the sake of décor.

One way to make your space look a lot spacious and neat is by decluttering—purge those unnecessary trinkets and mess present in sight. Also, have appropriate storage for these items for organizational purposes.

Bring in some plants 

Bringing the outdoors in makes for a refreshing atmosphere. It’s more than just a décor—it filters the air you breathe and at the same time, makes your home feel more elegant and well-kept. If you have a garden or know someone who is willing to snip you some to bring inside your house, that would be fantastic.

Emboss your personality

We know that you find comfort in hotel rooms to an extent that you want to bring that “feel” at home. With that, be sure to stamp your personality in your space. This is what hotels lack that you can take great advantage of.

Your small collection, books, artwork, family pictures, and the likes can put character in your home. It’s your own space, don’t limit yourself too much—make it personal.

Finally, make your bed everyday

Ultimately and the most important of all, make your bed and fix your room first thing in the morning. Hotel rooms look fine and tidy because of how nicely kept it is. If you want your space to feel more like a hotel, make it so by keeping everything neat and in place.

Finding comfort in your own home is an amazing feeling. Make the most out of your space and style it in a ways that oozes coziness and calmness.


About the author: Chie Suarez is a writer/blogger for Wincrest Homes, a company that builds modern family homes in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, and Hunter Regions. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.

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