Ways of Saving Electricity at Home

By on June 25, 2014

We quite often hear news about energy conservation, green living, etc. As the natural resources are limited, it is suggested for everyone to be energy conscious which helps both our planet and our pocket too. Electricity is also a natural resource and is limited. There are many little things that can be done to save us a lot of money in the long run. Gaining control over energy consumption is not difficult as one may think. Making conscious effort can save lots of money on electricity bills. Developing this habit is as simple as switching off those lights. Here are the some ways of saving electricity at home.

Ways of Saving Electricity at Home

a) Develop the habit of flipping switches. Turn off all lights and fans when they are not in use, especially when you leave the room make sure you turn them off.

b) Electronic appliances like flat TVs are on standby mode when they are not in use, but standby mode also consumes electricity use to 5 to10 percentages. The simple solution is to connect all your electronic appliances and devices to a power strip that can be managed to turn off when they are not in use.

c) Replace incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs. They are energy saving and are expensive in comparison to incandescent bulbs.  But this is a worthy investment, pays off in the long run.

d) Make sure that home insulation is proper all the times. As air can leak through small leaks and cracks in windows and frames, triggers additional load on thermostats to keep the room temperatures in condition. Develop the habit of checking home insulation at regular periods of time. Properly insulated home improves home efficiency up by 20 percent.

e) Trees are excellent air coolers. They do an excellent job in cooling the house during summer and insulate the house during winters. It is highly recommended to plant more trees around the house.

f) Refrigerator is one of the highest electricity consumers in a home. Make sure it is well maintained. Do not leave the door open for longer times. Clean under the refrigerator and dust on the coils and condenser at regular periods of time.

g) Start developing the habit of using natural light that is plenty available during the day time. Make sure the home is properly ventilated and the windows open to allow enough natural light to get inside and keep the house warm and lighted.

h) A programmable thermostat for cooling and heating needs is ideal for homes. It can be set to energy saving levels automatically. This setting comes very handy when you are away from home or asleep.

i) Regular check of air conditioners and heater filters is advised to keep them free from accumulation of debris and dust particles, to prevent additional work load on them that requires more electricity consumption.

j) Purchase energy efficient and branded electric and electronic appliances. Though they are expensive initially they save a lot of money in the future.

k) If you are about to turn the air conditioner on, make sure to close blinds. Room gets hotter without curtains to block the outside sunlight. Therefore adding additional load on air conditioner to keep the room cooler and increasing consumption of electricity.

l) Unplug cell phone chargers when they are not in use. They continue to use electricity even if the phone is not connected.

m)    Weather stripping on exterior doors must be checked regularly. Make sure they are in good shape. Replace them if they are worn out.


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