Top Outdoor Shower Designs

By on July 23, 2013

The outdoor showers form a typical symbol of luxury and can be found in the large estates. Usually, the aristocrats and the wealthy have the outdoor showers installed in their backyards or garden areas within an enclosed area. Theses outdoor showers can also be found in the high end resorts. Here are some of the exquisite outdoor shower designs that people should find hard to resist.

1. Slate Corner

This shower set in the alcove offers a luxurious feel. The shower design takes a slate backsplash with a sidewall that comes rounded with faux river stone. This exquisitely beautiful shower can offer the natural feel as of being under the fountains.

2. Desert Simplicity

This outdoor shower is designed in a way that it looks like an oasis. It is in the shape of a copper canopy with a side wall made of cast earth. It looks fabulous when set against the backdrop of a beautiful farmhouse.

Outdoor Shower Designs

3. Pebble Wall

This spectacular piece of art has pebbles making up for the tiles. The wall that has a pebble surface offers a unique texture and evokes a ‘beach-y’ feel.

4. Shower Deck

The Shower Deck offers itself to play with a specific area. There is a tall wall that hinders viewing from the back and playing the role of the French doors.

5. Fresh Air

This is surely something that should be present beside the pool. It offers enough privacy enabling a rinse after taking a swim in the pool. A family can have fun in such place.

6. Rugged Stone

If you want to get a shower under the waterfalls and yet cannot snatch out time to visit a natural one, here is a substitute. The rugged stone designed outdoor shower offers an almost natural feel like that of a natural waterfall. The stones take you in your mind to the real mountain stones.

7. Rustic Look

This outdoor shower design built of board formed concrete and is clubbed with stone flooring offers a rustic feel to the surroundings as well.

8. Retain Your Privacy

This is one of the outdoor shower designs that offer privacy. A redwood screen offers itself to block the light but partially while also allowing good space for air to flow within. Those that love to retain privacy would love the idea.

9. Sunny Spot

Want to have bath out in the sun? No other shower design can be as perfect as this. The beach lovers can get the real feel of the beach while enjoying basking in the sun.

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