5 Basic Elements of a Scandinavian Home

By on September 21, 2017

Scandinavian design is one of the most popular (still is) home style homeowners look after, beyond European houses. It’s popularity grows year after year. No wonder since it truly defines a space without being overtly decorative with displays and bold colors.

The Scandinavian style incorporates traditional home decor and design techniques with contemporary elements that showcases clean and sharp lines; and elegance. Unlike other styles, nordic homes keep the space clutter-free, as much as possible, with minimal kick knacks.

Basic Elements of a Scandinavian Home


With it’s soft and sophisticated demeanor, there’s no doubt more people would aim to model their home a la Scandinavian. If you’re considering dressing your home in this style, here’s a quick guide entailing basic elements that make up a Scandinavian home.

Go for neutral colors

If you initially plan to have your walls painted neutral (i.e. white, beige, grey), then you won’t have much problem deciding on a color palette since nordic homes stick to neutral tones that both natural and artificial lighting compliments.

Neutral walls won’t look boring if the whole space is structured and styled in a way that brighten up the whole room—could be made with utilizing bold colors, lighting, decor, and the works. Another thing to consider when sticking with the neutral color scheme is keeping the floors light as well. Opt for light wood floors, it easily brightens up the overall atmosphere of the space.

Opt for simple yet functional furniture 

When it comes to choosing furniture design and style, Scandinavians prefer to keep it simple yet functional while keeping it in-jive with the overall theme of the space.

If you would notice, Scandinavian homes don simple, sleek, light- or muted-colored, and modern furniture that complements well the theme of the space. They choose these over printed and overly stylish ones that end up unable to serve its function. 

Go mix and matching and enjoy layering textures  

Scandinavian style embraces neutral colors and natural light but it isn’t dull and boring. Have the freedom to add bold patterns, accents, layer textures such as natural textiles, and a pop of color to give the space a little ‘oomph’ and personality.

Let the light travel around 

The amount of light that travels through your living space or any room gives it an instant face lift without the need for new furniture, expensive decor, and whatnot. Open your windows. Get rid of your dark and heavy curtains and instead, replace it with sheer, light drapes, allowing for the natural light to seamlessly come thru. If your space lacks in natural lighting, utilize artificial lighting fixture such as a floor lamp.

Bring the nature in 

Many, if not all home design styles require the inclusion of greenery indoors, the same goes for Scandinavian style. Bringing in natural elements—plants and woods—bring a huge significance of the style inside. It’s all about keeping your home one with nature while keeping it in style.

Bringing in house plants serve you more good than it appears to be. It helps filter out the air, ensuring you’re breathing in clean atmosphere.

Scandinavian style is a great style for those who likes to walk in in a bright and calming home that is elegantly and stylishly clean. Do you have any more to add or tips in incorporating Scandinavian touches to your space? Share your thoughts with us!

About the author: When she’s not looking over Pinterest searching for Home decoration and design ideas, Chie Suarez regularly writes for PAAL Kit Homes. It is a company that manufactures and supplies steel-framed kit homes that help Australian families build their dream home.


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