5 Interior Design Trends for Luxury Homes

By on June 27, 2017

Half a year in and this 2017 already presented us with a wide range of interior design and decor trends, from saturated and muted color tones to bringing succulent plants inside our homes. It’s an exciting year to spruce up your home and stamp your personality in every corner available.

Interior design standards are even higher for luxurious homes. Everything trend and purpose speaks with the littlest details. The key to achieving luxury interiors is to consider the architectural aspect and functionality. Obviously, making it pleasing to the eyes—strategically and creatively positioned is a must.

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Bold and dark colors are still in however, gradually becoming overshadowed by subdued color schemes. Gone are the days where furniture are only there for display; every item in the room needs to have function, purpose, and of course, aesthetic.

Mix and Match Your Metals

If you’re the type of homeowner who can’t get enough of metals and find it very hard to choose from its variety, rejoice!

The popularity of metals as home materials and decor have arguably reached its peak to the point where mixing and matching metals—brass, silver, polished nickel, and the likes—have become the latest trend, and an aesthetically pleasing one. So, take out your silver trays and brass pendant lights and put them up on display.

Earthy Colors Are in

With Pantone’s color of the year—Greenery—the revitalizing yellow-green shade opened up lots of revitalizing earthy color options for walls, accent pieces, furniture, decor, and the likes. The color and its range of zesty color scheme brings subtle pops of color in a room.

Earthy colors are best paired with a neutral color scheme. Think Scandinavian style homes with touches of earthy tones: olive green, dusty pink, kale, hazelnut. The minimalist, neutral and mostly bright color palette work side by side with the warm tones.

Find Luxury in Natural Woods 

A touch of natural wood can transform any room into an elegant sanctuary. Organic elements make a space feel warm, welcoming and serene. My clients are craving touches of natural wood in every room of their homes!

In this day and age where black screens are prevalent anywhere and in any room of your home (i.e. TV screens, laptop and computer, smartphone and tablets, and other technological home features), bringing a touch of natural wood makes a great breathing space in a room.

From hardwood floors, to walls, and to natural wood accessories and accent pieces, this trends makes a home all the more prestige and a warm sanctuary.

Bring in the Nature

Pantone’s color of the year, Greenery, brings us close to nature unconsciously. The shades are nice tones to look at after a long time spent on scrolling through our black screens. It makes the indoors feel more outside.

Think beyond paint and color, truly bring the nature in—put a home plant inside your house such as succulents and cacti. Not only will it lighten up, and bring color and life in your space but it also helps clean the air inside your abode.

Minimalistic Style is the Way To Go 

As the trend towards minimal living and owning less continues to thrive, we foresee a return to stylish-yet-functional storage solutions that lend themselves to small-space living.

Keeping it simple and clean is a huge trend for luxury homes. Stylish furniture and storage solutions that also serves great function remains on top of overly done furniture and storage pieces that only exist for one thing—aesthetic. Though these stylish pieces look pleasing in the eyes, do decide whether you actually need it or not; if it only serves style as function is enough for you. Because as cliché as it may sound, less is still more.

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Chie Suarez spends her downtime pinning home decor finds on Pinterest. She also writes for Wincrest Bespoke, a home that sets the standard in luxury home building in Sydney.

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